Automated control systems

for railway transport

About Company

The company “AVP Technology” was established 15 years ago. It was based on the team, which developed autopilots for locomotives since 1997. The team consists of developers, engineers and specialists in implementation of the intellectual control systems of the railway transport.

 “AVP Technology” works on field of increasing efficiency of railroads by implementation of the new techniques and modern technologies.

 Main “AVP Technology” activities are:

 -Development of the computerized high-tech control systems for railway transport, including autopilot systems, event recorders etc.

-Implementation of control systems on the railroad network.

-Warranty and post-warranty service.

 “AVP Technology” implements product line of the computerized control systems for all types of locomotives on the railroad network:

 - Product line for diesel locomotives, including fuel consumption measurement and recording systems and autopilots

- Product line for freight trains electrical locomotives, including autopilot systems and systems for DP train control

- Product line for passenger electrical locomotives and passenger coaches

- Product line for suburban electrical trains

- Integrated systems

- Loco simulator

Our technology will save your fuel and electricity.


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