Automated control systems

for railway transport

Loco simulator

     Loco simulator was designed for training loco crews operate with different types of locomotives.

     Simulator imitates driver’s cabin and desk in details. 3D video playback subsystem shows real track according to train control regimes, daytime (day or night) and train speed. Educator can change daytime, weather, lightness, traffic light signals; also he can organize irregular situations to teach drivers work in those conditions.

     Flexible education model provides fast training of loco drivers with different types of locos, safety equipment, trains and automatic train operation systems. At this time simulator allows to train a driver-station talk routine for both mainline and shunting operation.

     Simulator software allows imitating different failures in electrical and pneumatic circuits of locomotive and also display prompts to find the place and to fix those failures.

     Educator (instructor) can change train situation directly from his workplace; also he can monitor activities of trained driver. 

     Simulator automatically generates a log-file of each test mission. Those log-files is taken into account to generate a recommendations for next education steps and for estimating driver’s activity. System sets marks to the driver system takes into account reaction time on different irregular situations, sequence of failure tracking, time of failure search and fix, time difference against the schedule and fuel/power consumption for the mission.

      Simulator is built from set of typical hardware modules and software routines, that allows minimize time of creation simulators for new type of locomotives.