Eco-system KVNIT. Complex solution of couch automation.


Eco-system KVINT® - unique complex products for passenger couch, which offers additional functions and opportunities simultaneously.
At the same time each product of ecosystem realizes its basic function and helps to make a decision other product or transfer essence information.
This advantages increase intellect level of each product and whole eco-system.
Electric equipment solution KVINT-EV provides couch condition information to supervisor sever with geo position monitoring product which names KVINT-ONLINE.
Now resource information (water, fuel and etc.) of KVINT-RESOURCE available at couch terminal KVINT-EV and indicate at KVINT-ONLINE reports.
Inter-couch connection solution KVINT-CONNECT, whish connect two adjoining coaches not only allows to data flow between 2 couch terminals KVINT-EV but between couch terminal KVINT-EV and mobile system control KVINT-PDA.
This examples are part of eco-system additional advantages only.
- complex solution of transport automation
- process optimization with intellect control
- alternative solution of traditional
- full control of couch equipment
- increase work productivity of conductor
- showing operational, commercial and reference messages for passengers
- increase safety of transport services
- full accounting of fuel-energy resources
- remote control of adjoining coaches simultaneously
- remote real-time monitoring of coach systems
- improvement of the quality of service and instant informing about emergency situations
- geo positioning (GPS/Glonass)

Katalogue KVINT